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Bridal boudoir photographer | Huntsville AL boudoir photos

It may be icy and snowing outside in Huntsville, Alabama, but we’re steaming it up here in the studio with one our favorite boudoir sessions! T ever so graciously allowed us to show a sneak into her boudoir session imagery. This woman is driven, smart, a successful business owner, beautiful, and has the most amazing body! She came into the boudoir studio to celebrate her 50th birthday. To honor and freeze this moment in-time the beautiful canvas the Lord graced her with =) If only we all could look this at gorgeous at 50!!

THANK YOU for letting us encourage women through what we do T, and show them how lovely they truly are through fine art imagery. We consider it a gift to bring out the beauty from inside-out. To expose the beautiful soul you were born with. Who the Lord created YOU to be…

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Huntsville Alabama boudoir photography studio | boudoir photographer

Hello my lovely readers! Today, I wanted to share a sneak into our boudoir photography studio. We are a small, boutique, boudoir studio located in Huntsville, Alabama but serve the greater North Alabama and surrounding areas. We have had women drive-in out of state many times to be photographed by someone they trust. We are VERY clear to each and every client that your photographs are safe with us. We shoot to not show. Whatever you see on our site, we have been given permission to share and show. We are thrilled when our clients are willing to share some of their session with the women who are looking for something special and sexy to gift their husband with!

When you arrive at our home-studio for your boudoir photography session, you will bring your items in and place them in the sitting room below. We will talk about your comfort level, have fresh bottled water, hot tea, and go through your lovely items to see how we can make the most of your gorgeous boudoir session. The more lingerie you bring, the better! It’s always better to have more options than not enough. I (Jan), will help you stylize your things and put them together for the BEST look possible!

We will then meet around 3 weeks later to view your imagery and talk about what product you have in mind for your boudoir imagery. We look forward to seeing your gorgeous face in our studio for your sexy boudoir session! What are you waiting for!?


lingerie photographer in huntsville AL

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Green lace lingerie | Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my lovely Green Lace Boudoir readers in Huntsville, North Alabama, and surrounding areas! Happy Monday =D This day commemorates St. Patrick and the arrival and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It celebrates the wonderful culture of Ireland, and is a part of my very own heritage! According to tradition, St. Patrick used the shamrock (the three-leaved plant) to explain Christianity and the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Are you wearing you green clothing *or undergarments* to celebrate what St. Patrick did for our Christian heritage? Spread the joy and celebrate what the Lord has blessed you with… small or large. We are blessed <3

st. patricks day boudoir themed pictures

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