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5 Things You Should Know about Your Boudoir Session | Boudoir Studio


  1. Almost EVERYONE gets nervous!  It’s okay to be nervous.  Use that energy to fuel the excitement!
  2. No one is flawless. I repeat, no one.  Have stretch marks or scars you’re concerned about?  We use the soft, natural light to accentuate your best features; you will absolutely LOVE your imagery!  Just ask our past boudoir clients.
  3. We take care of your hair and makeup in our studio.  No stress of running around town to appointments before your session.
  4. Less can be more.  A simple cheeky panty and t-shirt can be adorably sexy!  Suggested nudity or nudity can be its own outfit.  Own it!
  5. You will never see your images published unless you give us permission.  Period.  We believe the intimate nature of boudoir photography should be treated with the utmost respect, and we take your privacy very seriously.


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