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Client Testimonials

“I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Jan. I recently did a boudoir session as a birthday present. Like most women, I am extremely self conscious about my body. I was very nervous about my session. From the moment I got to the studio, Jan was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable. She guided me through the whole shoot. She was encouraging and absolutely wonderful. I left the studio thinking very differently about myself. I felt so confident. The session was so much fun. I would recommend using Jan to anyone. She is an amazing photographer and a super sweet woman! My photographers turned out exactly how I wanted them to. Her use of natural light makes such a difference in the pictures. She has such a talent and passion for what she does. I can’t thank her enough for doing my session and helping me see myself in a different light. Every woman should do a boudoir session with her. They will leave feeling like a different person!” -EH

“I LOVE Jan and Green Tree!!! I had boudoir photos done as a wedding gift to my fiance! As soon as I arrived, Jan made me feel so comfortable!! I was super nervous, but she helped me calm down and really helped me through the photos. She touched up my makeup and halfway through the photo shoot she curled my hair for a different look!! It was an awesome experience!! She talked me through every pose down to where to put my hands. She asked me how comfortable I was in what I wanted to reveal and she definitely stuck to what I told her. What drew me to using Jan in the first place was the scriptures on her website. It was so awesome to be able to have this experience with someone of life faith! Her studio is lovely and every picture turned out wonderful!! When I went back to view my photos, I was speechless, they were gorgeous!!! My products are amazing as well, exactly what I was imagining to give my fiance!!! I can’t say enough good things about Jan and Green Tree!!! I would definitely recommend her and anyone thinking about having boudoir photos done, Green Tree is the way to go!!!! -K

“I went in for a boudoir shoot, and I was really nervous and stressed at first. I was running behind and my hair wasn’t cooperating, and on top of that, when I got there my car rolled back into a tree. Jan still managed to get my mind off of all of the stresses of the day and to just focus on the shoot and my husband. She would tell me to think of our honeymoon and the beach and stuff like that, and it really helped. She is super professional and amazing to work with. I would recommend her to anyone for anything :D” -RW

“Jan was absolutely phenomenal to work with. Her website is what originally drew me in. Yes, there are beautiful photos and I love that she uses natural lighting, but Jan also accompanies all of her blog posts with Scripture. How awesome is it to hire a photographer who shares the same beliefs as you?! She immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable in the studio during the entire shoot. Jan also went above and beyond her call of duty; she applied (her) lipstick on my lips because I a) have never owned a tube of lipstick and b) I definitely don’t know how to apply it! I would recommend Jan to any woman, engaged couple, family, senior, etc. She is a wonderful person and an incredible photographer.” -LA

“Oh my goodness! You are so so talented! The Lord has definitely given you a gift! You made me feel beautiful and the pictures far exceed my expectations! I’m so excited! Thank you thank you thank you! ” -L

“Thank you so much for a wonderful session, beautiful photographs, and for working so hard to make the book PERFECT for my future husband and me!” -M

“If where I go from here is as fun and exciting as my boudoir session was, I can’t wait to see what’s next! Since I am not much of a girly girl–I don’t normally wear makeup nor do I own many lacy things–I felt somewhat out of my element at first. However, Jan helped me every step of the way, and that made me feel more relaxed and excited about the experience. Because of the boudoir session, I am moving forward with much more confidence in myself. When I saw some of the images, I had to do a double take…”That’s me!?!…wow!,” I thought. Finally, I can see the beauty within myself that I have struggled so much to see. The boudoir session gave me a sense of empowerment. Whatever life brings next, I’m ready”. -S

“Thanks so much, Jan! I really enjoyed it and thank you for making me feel so comfortable. I really love the images!” -L

“Just wanted to let you know that my husband LOVED the pictures! I sent them to him in the box they were in and he loves it!! He said you did an amazing job and wanted me to tell you thank you for him!” -H

“AHH! OMG, I LOOVEE those photos!  Thank you for making me feel completely comfortable and being an awesome photographer :)” -A

“On the day of my photo session, I was extremely nervous.  But Jan graciously built my confidence with her professional way of staging each shot to make me look on the outside like I felt on the inside.  What mattered most to me during this photo session was that the results of each picture showed the love I carry in my heart – for others but also for myself.  When I reviewed the photos, I was amazed at how well Jan had captured the essence of my heart.  Now, when I look at my photos, I am reminded that I am special and beautiful.  Thank you Jan for helping to capture the spirit, heart and soul of what being a woman means to me.” ~D

“I did Boudoir photos for my 35th birthday/11th wedding anniversary! A must-do for any woman wanting to embrace her body. I chose Jan because she is very talented and the natural lighting sold me! Like others, I was very nervous but Jan was very professional and reassuring. She even helped me pick out jewelry to wear and helped me put up my hair. It was like hanging with a girlfriend- one that takes beautiful photos. My husband will certainly enjoy the book and I am proud of myself for embracing my body. Thanks Jan!” -TH

“I took my boudoir photos with Jan and she was not only wonderful to work with, but also extremely professional! Jan’s photos are magazine quality and show off all your umm… best assets! I am excited to have a wonderful gift for my fiance as well as something I can be proud of :)” -JG

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