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Bespoke lingerie | Boudoir Photography Alabama

As for man, his days are like grass; he flourishes like a flower of the field. Psalm 103.15

We are like the grass and flowers of the field; the flourishing is also the beginning of our fading. Earth may fade away, but the word of the Lord stands forever! Isiah 40:8

I am humbled and reminded of this very truth when I see the flowers of the field. Outward beauty is not eternal, and flourishing is only for a season. Our life is a mere vapor in comparison to eternity (James 4:14). Does it really matter how many Facebook friends/followers you have, the cute clothes we collect in our wardrobe, what car we drive, etc? When we went through the April 2011 tornado, life seemed so very small. When the destruction hit our home and the path was only a few feet away from our house, and we could hear the sounds of the mighty roar of the wind, life changed in an instant. And what mattered most? My faith and my family. What comfort it is to have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and to have a personal relationship with our creator! To have life eternal when we accept him as Savoir (John 3:16)

What is important to you? What legacy do you plan to leave in this short existence called life? We are children of God called for a purpose. You are special. You are loved. May you experience God’s comfort and grace as you venture through life this week. May your heart be willing to let the Lord lead your steps, and to open your heart like petals of a flower in full bloom… to be filled with the warmth, peace, and love of the Lord.

A special THANK YOU to the precious M for allowing us to use these images to inspire and uplift women. xoxo

All bridal lingerie is from the lovely bridal boutique, The Finery. Bespoke has to be one of my favorite lingerie on the market. So happy to have it here in Huntsville, AL <3

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