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Soft, sexy, nude portraits | North Alabama

Ladies, it’s spring time… the flowers are blooming and you’re gearing up to get outdoors, for the beach, and wiping the dust off of your cute sun-dresses. Just a few TIPS for your upcoming boudoir session!

  1. Be conscious of those weird tan lines; top and bottom.
  2. When you don’t have weird, summer tan lines is the time to schedule your session. NOW!
  3. Don’t stress. If having a hair AND makeup artist isn’t enough, we have more… We have a boudoir stylist if you need help in choosing the right outfits to make the most lovely boudoir session of your dreams.
  4. Most women choose from 2-3 outfits, one being nude. Keep it simple. You don’t need much for your session but YOU.
  5. Remember to bring meaningful jewelry or let us know of a tattoo that has meaning. We want to highlight what is special for you in your boudoir portrait photography session!

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North Alabama | Huntsville, AL Boudoir photographer

You want to knock your husbands socks off for your anniversary? Take photos of you in your wedding-night lingerie! The perfect way to rekindle your love for one another, and to have a forever gift you both can enjoy for YEARS to come. Boudoir images of you that are sexy, classy, and one-of-a kind. This lingerie session will for sure get his attention, and be different. Whether it be 1 year or 10 years, it gets more special as each year passes. Cheers to love.

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5 Things You Should Know about Your Boudoir Session | Boudoir Studio


  1. Almost EVERYONE gets nervous!  It’s okay to be nervous.  Use that energy to fuel the excitement!
  2. No one is flawless. I repeat, no one.  Have stretch marks or scars you’re concerned about?  We use the soft, natural light to accentuate your best features; you will absolutely LOVE your imagery!  Just ask our past boudoir clients.
  3. We take care of your hair and makeup in our studio.  No stress of running around town to appointments before your session.
  4. Less can be more.  A simple cheeky panty and t-shirt can be adorably sexy!  Suggested nudity or nudity can be its own outfit.  Own it!
  5. You will never see your images published unless you give us permission.  Period.  We believe the intimate nature of boudoir photography should be treated with the utmost respect, and we take your privacy very seriously.


boudoir studio in Huntsville AL

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XVIII Feminine find | sexy photos for husband

When I stumbled across this gorgeous piece, I had to share it instantly! Seriously though. It is divine. ANY body type would look stunning in this lingerie for her boudoir session! A common concern we hear is “I have stretch marks from carrying my babies that I am a little self conscious of.” Ladies, this lingerie piece will make you FEEL sexy, still keep your shape, AND cover your tummy if you’re a little self conscious of that area. Go get it today, HERE and book your boudoir session asap! You deserve to look AND feel beautiful!


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